Why you’re here

It’s one thing to identify a lack of engagement with your audiences.

It’s a whole other thing to understand how to switch it around quickly.

If you’re visiting me here, you’ve already come a long way in tackling the issue at hand.

What I’m offering is to take on the entire, or strategic parts, of your digital communications life cycle, to ensure that your voice speaks to the audiences you wish to target.

There are many ways of doing this digitally. I have significant experience:

translating content

creating marketing plans

copywriting for social platforms with 40k + followers

   live reporting from events, both on social media and in the news

   analysing return on SEO

       shooting professional photography and video interviews

 designing website architectures

      launching and editing reports

  developing and tweaking strategic messages

researching key influencers and industry players in finance, technology, entrepreneurship and sustainability

Get in touch to see what I can do for you at ready.to.skale@gmail.com

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